Bespoke Bathroom Design & Installation in Brentwood, Upminster and Chelmsford  

Here at Unique Bathroom Design we are specialists in designing and installing bespoke bathrooms in Essex and the surrounding areas of the South East. Whatever the dream for your ideal bespoke bathroom, we can make it a reality. With innovative technology, we can design your bathroom in-house and produce a 3D design for you, ensuring that you are happy throughout the process. 

Once we have completed the design stage to your bespoke bathroom and agreed all finer details, we will set a date in the diary for your bathroom installation to begin.

There are a range of benefits to a bespoke designed bathroom, such as adding value to your house as well as utilising unused space from the original bathroom installation.

Benefits of a Bespoke Bathroom Installation:

Save Money: 

You can save a lot of money when designing your new bathroom, by installing on demand water heaters, water efficient toilets and fixing any leaks that you may have will save on your utility bills.

Reduce Clutter: 

If you have a small bathroom, then it may be frustrating when you can’t fit all of your products in the designated space. When installing a new bathroom, we will be able to suggest smart storage space so that your bathroom doesn’t look cluttered, ensuring that your new bathroom looks sleek all the time.

Become a place to relax:

If you have an outdated bathroom, you could be stressed due to old water marks, other unwanted stains, loose fixtures or just the overall look of your bathroom. When you revive your bathroom with a new bespoke design and installation, you can tailor this space for relaxing with new fixtures, new tiles and much more ensuring that there is a sense of relaxation every time you go in there.

Our extensive range includes styles and designer brands to suit every taste. We also stock a variety of eco-friendly products, like the Hansgrohe Eco Range, which focus on water and energy saving systems, sophisticated recycling and social responsibility.

All these products are produced using environmentally friendly sites and manufacturing methods. 

So whether you are looking to remodel or install a new bespoke bathroom, we got you covered. The sooner you give us a call, the sooner you can be relaxing in a luxury bespoke installed bathroom!

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What our customers say

We had our bathroom transformed nearly a year ago, still loving it, have had a couple of little problems since, nothing major, but they have been put right in no time, service is as good after the installation as it was during, nice bunch of people working at Bathroom Boutique, long may they continue.